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High Springs 5U-1550000152732
Alachua 5U-1 Jessica Dube530200914120
Bronson 5U-1520300614121
Newberry 5U-151130049230
High Springs 5U-240130014180

High Springs 8U-1651000163524
Williston 8U-1650100152654
Alachua 8U-1 Samba Zaldivar641100132463
High Springs 8U-36411001323113
Alachua 8U-2 Caleb Hudkins640200122083
Newberry 8U-2540200121692
Newberry 8U-16312001015230
Alachua 8U-4 Paul Flynn62040069171
High Springs 8U-262040065212
Alachua 8U-3 Corey Mulvihill61050039261
Williston 8U-260060007160
Bronson 8U-160060000450

Williston 11U-17511001636162
Williston 11U-4550000154923
Newberry 11U-17502001529171
High Springs 11U-1641100132744
Williston 11U-37403001225202
Alachua 11U-1 Gary Eagle7403001224191
Alachua 11U-2 Jennifer Applebee730400921311
High Springs 11U-2511300412201
Newberry 11U-2710600311330
Williston 11U-2602400210370
High Springs 11U-360150017520

Williston 14U-25411001333113
Williston 14U-16402001235161
Alachua 14U-2 Gary Eagle6312001025123
Alachua 14U-1 Diego Santamaria5312001021201
High Springs 14U-161230059241
High Springs 14U-260150012420

News: Fall Soccer Photo Makeup Day - OCT 17TH
Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019

Fall 2019 Soccer Photo Makeup Day is this Thursday 10.17.19. If your player missed our photo sessions this season, please plan on arriving in full uniform to practice this Thursday. Makeup photo sessions will being at 5:30 pm. Email : Rose.Deb.Photography@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. 

News: Fall 2019 Season Soccer Photo Schedule
Posted: Sun Oct 6, 2019

Fall 2019 Season Photos are scheduled for this week. Please plan to wear full uniforms on these days. Contact coaches with questions. Some practices may be rescheduled. DebRose Photography will be sending an email with order information. You can also email alachuasoccer@gmail.com with questions. 

Day 1 October 8th - Tuesday
Teams 5u Jessica Dube, 8u-2 Caleb Hudkins, 8u-3 - Corey Mulvihill
5:30: 5u
6:30: 8u-2
7:25: 8u-3

Day 2 October 9th - Wednesday 
Teams 8u-1 Samba Zaldivar, 8u-4 Paul Flynn, 11u-2 - Jennifer Applebee
5:30: 8u-1
6:30: 8u-4
7:25: 11u-2

Day 3 October 10th - Thursday 
Teams 11u-1 Gary Eagle, 14u-1 Diego Santamaria, 14u-2 - Gary Eagle
5:30: 11u-1
6:30: 14u-1
7:25: 14u-2

Posted: Mon Sep 2, 2019

Our Fall 2019 Season Registration has now closed.

 Team placement is in progress. Coaches will contact players and their families at some point this week (Sept 3-7). Season schedules have not been determined. Coaches will provide this information as soon as available. Please be patient as we finalize the season. 

Uniforms are anticipated to arrive the week before our Game Opener in Newberry on September 21st. 

Fall 2019 Soccer Photos have been scheduled for the evenings of September 24, 25, & 26. More information to come. 

Here's to a great season of soccer! GO ALACHUA!! 

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